Book Review on Fahrenheit 451

451 Book Review:

Fahrenheit 451 is a science-fiction dystopia novel by Ray Bradbury published in 1953 in the United States by Ballantine Books.

The title refers to the point of paper self-ignition temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is equivalent to slightly less than 233 ° C. The metaphorical meaning of the title refers to the book burnings organized by firefighters and reading made ??impossible by the atrophy of interest in the literature.

The book won the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1954. Continue reading

Book Review on Eragon

Book Review:

Eragon is the first novel of the Inheritance Cycle written by Christopher Paolini. It is a journey into a fantasy world inhabited by many races: elves, dwarves, dragons, and werecats. The main character is Saphira, Eragon’s dragon.

While hunting in mountains deemed evil, Crete, Eragon, a young farmer, discovers in a clearing a medium-sized blue stone, unusually oval and covered in veins of blue deep and white. But the rock is indeed to be the egg of a dragon, which is not slow to hatch out. Eragon, small farmer, became thus the first representative of the legendary dragon masters for over a hundred years.

Eragon, aware of the danger, and knowing that the terrible king Galbatorix (also a dragon master) had previously mercilessly killed all dragon masters who opposed him, secretly decides to raise his dragon that he names Saphira, inspired by the name of a dragon, mentioned by Brom, the storyteller. Continue reading

Book Review on Diary of Anne Frank

of Anne Frank Book Review:

Diary of Anne Frank is the well known book which was composed from the notes of the Jewish girl Anne Frank during the Nazi invasion in the Netherlands from 1942 to 1944. The diary is written in Dutch but it was translated into a great number of languages and the book became one of the symbols of peace. Since 1944 Anne Frank began to check and proofread the diary and tried to make it more literal and sound as she hoped that the diary would be published after the liberation of the Netherlands but the work remained unfinished. During the invasion of the Netherlands the Jewish family of Anne hid in the certain house and observed the terror of the war there. Anne wanted to create the documentation of the events which she saw and wrote the diary describing the attitude of the Nazis towards Jews, etc. Continue reading

Book Review on Diary of a Wimpy Kid

of a Wimpy Kid Book Review:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a novel written by Jeff Kinney and the book is considered to be one of the best books for children of the modern time. At first the text of the book and the first extracts from the novel appeared in the Internet and very soon they became popular with people the writer decided to write a hardcover which was published in 2007. Since that time seven chapters of the book have been published, the last one in 2012. The main character of the novel in Greg Heffley, the little boy, who is studying at middle school. Greg faces many problems and experiences interesting and exciting adventures there, makes friends and tries to survive at school. The author of the book claims that he planned to create a light novel which would describe the life of an ordinary kid, because although he himself had such an ordinary peaceful childhood, his life was full of events and interesting moments. Continue reading

Book Review on Black Beauty

Beauty Book Review:

Black Beauty is a book written by Anna Sewell, one of the famous English authors. The book is considered like one of the best novels for children, because it describes the life of the horse named Black Beauty. The horse had a great number of adventures and difficulties in his life, there were positive and tragic moments, connected with the animal violence. The book has got a very interesting composition. It consists of many short chapters and each chapter describes a certain episode from the life of the horse. The book is far more valuable and recommended for children, because every chapter has its own moral lesson as presents different sides of human personality, who treated the horse differently. The book has become one of the most favorite books for children, because they enjoy stories about animals, especially horses. Moreover, the book teaches to love and respect animals, because they are the part of nature like every human being. Then, Black Beauty has become one of the most popular books, because millions and millions of its copied have been sold since its first publication. Continue reading

Book Review on A Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Book Review:

“A Christmas Carol” was written by Charles Dickens, one of the most famous English writers. The novella was written in the middle of the 19th century and mostly reflects the events of that years. Victorian Age is the symbol of capitalism development and the main character of the book Ebenezer Scrooge symbolizes a common employer of the 19th century who were ready to do everything to make more and more money. Scrooge was a very greedy and dishonest man. He demanded his employees to work hard for little money and very often they had to do more that they were paid for. Continue reading

Book Review on Breaking Dawn

Dawn Book Review:

“Breaking Dawn” is the last part of the world known Twilight Saga which is written by the famous American writer Stephenie Meyer. The Twilight Saga has become one of the most popular books and movies of the present times and it is widely read and watched all over the world. People enjoyed the first parts of the adventures of the famous vampires and were waiting for the next parts with great hopes and excitement. The last book of the saga Breaking Dawn was published in 2008 and was praised by the readers. On the other hand Breaking Dawn is a very controversial book, because the opinion of the famous critics is different. Continue reading

Book Review on Catching Fire

Fire” Book Review:

Catching Fire is the novel written by Suzanne Collins who is one of the most famous American novelists of our times. The science fiction novel is the continuation of the first book of Collins, which attracted much attention, The Hunger Games. In her second book the author continues describing the life of the human civilization in the fiction post-apocalyptic world. It is obvious that the life is extremely difficult and people experience problems of different kind: love, independence, friendship, politics, moral values, etc. All in all the author presents everything which attracts human mind and inserts it into the book. Continue reading

Book Review on A Child Called ‘It’

Child Called ‘It’ Book Review:

A Child Called ‘It’ is a book written by Dave Pelzer, a modern American writer, who describes his life as child. The book is called an autobiography and its theme is the difficult life of a child. Dave Pelzer writes that when he was a child he was abused by his mother, who was alcohol addict and the life was really terrible. The author claims that the event from his childhood are always in front of his eyes and it spoils his life, although he is a grown up person and has his own family now. Continue reading

Book Review on Animal Farm

Farm Book Review:

Animal Farm is the book, written by the famous English writer George Orwell. The book is not a simple novel, which helps to kill time, but it is a strong piece of writing on very important problems. The author concentrates his attention to the events connected with the Revolution of 1917 with took place in Russia and further events of the communist society of USSR. George Orwell was a socialist himself and should probably support the revolution, but he criticizes it. He explains that the society and political system of the USSR is far from democracy and communism. Continue reading