Book Review on A Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Book Review:

“A Christmas Carol” was written by Charles Dickens, one of the most famous English writers. The novella was written in the middle of the 19th century and mostly reflects the events of that years. Victorian Age is the symbol of capitalism development and the main character of the book Ebenezer Scrooge symbolizes a common employer of the 19th century who were ready to do everything to make more and more money. Scrooge was a very greedy and dishonest man. He demanded his employees to work hard for little money and very often they had to do more that they were paid for.

Dickens tried to introduce a typical codger which have already been described in the world literature (for example Gobseck by Balzac). Evidently, Scrooge did not have any friends, he liked only his wealth and did not care about people, especially the poor ones who asked him for help in Christmas Eve, which is considered to be a big sin. The author decided to illustrate the power of Christmas and showed the long way of transformation of the personality of Ebenezer. The old man was visited in his dream by the three spirits who showed him his life and his perspective to die alone and worthless. When Scrooge woke up he realized that it is time to change his life for the better and started helping people who were in need and found a lot of friends at once.

Due to the atmosphere and charm of the novella, Christmas Carol became one of the most favourite books for children. Furthermore, it has become a symbol of Christmas and hopes for the better. When one is asked to prepare a book review, he has to read the book attentively and try to find more than is presented in the text. From the first sight the novella is written for children but a range of historical and social problems can be found in its context. A smart student should analyze the problems found in the book and determine their reasons and consequences. Very often inexperienced young people can not find the hidden problems in the text and need good help of the professional. Famous writers have written a great number of critics articles which analyze the background of the book, its characters and value the role of the book in the world literature. Student should pay attention to the ideas of the critics to create a full image of the novella in their book reviews.

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