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Book Review on Black Beauty

Beauty Book Review:

Black Beauty is a book written by Anna Sewell, one of the famous English authors. The book is considered like one of the best novels for children, because it describes the life of the horse named Black Beauty. The horse had a great number of adventures and difficulties in his life, there were positive and tragic moments, connected with the animal violence. The book has got a very interesting composition. It consists of many short chapters and each chapter describes a certain episode from the life of the horse. The book is far more valuable and recommended for children, because every chapter has its own moral lesson as presents different sides of human personality, who treated the horse differently. The book has become one of the most favorite books for children, because they enjoy stories about animals, especially horses. Moreover, the book teaches to love and respect animals, because they are the part of nature like every human being. Then, Black Beauty has become one of the most popular books, because millions and millions of its copied have been sold since its first publication. Continue reading