Book Review on Breaking Dawn

Dawn Book Review:

“Breaking Dawn” is the last part of the world known Twilight Saga which is written by the famous American writer Stephenie Meyer. The Twilight Saga has become one of the most popular books and movies of the present times and it is widely read and watched all over the world. People enjoyed the first parts of the adventures of the famous vampires and were waiting for the next parts with great hopes and excitement. The last book of the saga Breaking Dawn was published in 2008 and was praised by the readers. On the other hand Breaking Dawn is a very controversial book, because the opinion of the famous critics is different.

Evidently, the book can not satisfy readers of all kinds and a range of critical articles appeared in the web which criticize the book and claim that it is of poor quality. Nevertheless most of critics mentioned that the book is one of the best ones in the saga, because the author has become mature and analyzed important and serious problems in hr book. So, the book describes a range of events connected with the marriage of the leading characters Edward and Bella. The just married were spending their honey moon peacefully when Bella understood she has got pregnant. The author presents the struggle of Bella for life, as she carries a vampire in herself who can easily kill her. There is a danger to die from pregnancy and Edward saves Bella and makes her a vampire. Bella experiences her new lifestyle, new problems and priorities and the book has an open ending which gives much space for thinking over.

The book can be easily called a bestseller and everyone should read it who wants to realize the principles of the modern literature. In order to complete a good book review, one should read the book, understand its content and analyze the problems presented there. One should not just present the plot of the book but analyze it from all sides, its background, stylistics and genre. In order to find more information about the book it is useful to read essential well-analyzed critics in the Internet and scientific periodicals which pay attention to the modern trends of literature and art. Although there are many articles in the web, one should realize that it is important to find a good one, prepared by the real expert but not an angry teenager who has never read a single book.

A free example book review on Breaking Dawn in the Internet is one of the best ways to complete the assignment successfully. with the help of a free sample book review on Breaking Dawn one will see the proper structure, composition and manner of writing of a well-organized paper.

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