Book Review on Diary of Anne Frank

of Anne Frank Book Review:

Diary of Anne Frank is the well known book which was composed from the notes of the Jewish girl Anne Frank during the Nazi invasion in the Netherlands from 1942 to 1944. The diary is written in Dutch but it was translated into a great number of languages and the book became one of the symbols of peace. Since 1944 Anne Frank began to check and proofread the diary and tried to make it more literal and sound as she hoped that the diary would be published after the liberation of the Netherlands but the work remained unfinished. During the invasion of the Netherlands the Jewish family of Anne hid in the certain house and observed the terror of the war there. Anne wanted to create the documentation of the events which she saw and wrote the diary describing the attitude of the Nazis towards Jews, etc.

In 1944 the family was captured and brought to the concentration camp, where Anne died. After the end of the World War 2 the father of Anne Frank found the diary of his daughter and presented it to the general public. Since that time The Diary of a Young Girl as it was called at first became famous all over the world, because described the war from the point of view of a child. The book is translated into 67 languages and became the icon of the genre of diary and can be called one of the best examples of the serious children’s literature.

In order to prepare a successful Diary of Anne Frank book review a student should read the book carefully and understand the theme, the historical background and the problems described there.

The genre of a diary can not be understood easily, because the writing is subjective and was written in completely different time, with other moral values, problems and preferences. One should accept the text through the historical events and the psychological condition of the child who wrote the diary. A successful book review should present the plot, the characters, the events, problems of the book and the personal attitude of the student towards the text. One should value the book soberly and decide whether it is important for the world literature.

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