Book Review on A Child Called ‘It’

Child Called ‘It’ Book Review:

A Child Called ‘It’ is a book written by Dave Pelzer, a modern American writer, who describes his life as child. The book is called an autobiography and its theme is the difficult life of a child. Dave Pelzer writes that when he was a child he was abused by his mother, who was alcohol addict and the life was really terrible. The author claims that the event from his childhood are always in front of his eyes and it spoils his life, although he is a grown up person and has his own family now.

It is obvious that the book was criticized by different people, including the relatives of the writer, who said the plot of the book was a complete fairy tale. Nevertheless, there are people who managed to prove the fact of abuse in childhood and the book can be surely treated like a memoir. The book touches upon a very serious and urgent problem of modern society – alcohol abuse. It is bad when an alcohol addict person is a man, but it is far more terrible when such a person is a women and a mother. Generally, mother is the person who helps us to cope with problems and she teaches us how to live and behave; but the situation presented in the book is controversial. The narrator suffers from the abuse from the side of the closest person – mother. The work is really strong and no wonder most critics praised it as one of the best autobiographical books on this topic.

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