Book Review on Eragon

Book Review:

Eragon is the first novel of the Inheritance Cycle written by Christopher Paolini. It is a journey into a fantasy world inhabited by many races: elves, dwarves, dragons, and werecats. The main character is Saphira, Eragon’s dragon.

While hunting in mountains deemed evil, Crete, Eragon, a young farmer, discovers in a clearing a medium-sized blue stone, unusually oval and covered in veins of blue deep and white. But the rock is indeed to be the egg of a dragon, which is not slow to hatch out. Eragon, small farmer, became thus the first representative of the legendary dragon masters for over a hundred years.

Eragon, aware of the danger, and knowing that the terrible king Galbatorix (also a dragon master) had previously mercilessly killed all dragon masters who opposed him, secretly decides to raise his dragon that he names Saphira, inspired by the name of a dragon, mentioned by Brom, the storyteller.

After the departure of his cousin, Roran went to work in Therinsford in order to start a family with Katrina, two aliens from another race called Ra’zac (characters allied with the Empire of Galbatorix ) come to Carvahall, searcing the lost egg. Saphira takes Eragon for him to escape their devastating fury, but Eragon finds his farm burned and uncle tortured to death and swears to avenge his death.

Eragon is joined by Brom who is aware of Saphira, and said he wanted to accompany them for personal reasons. Brom gives Eragon Zar’roc sword that belonged to Morzan, a former dragon master and perjury. On their way, Brom imparts his magician and swashbuckler knowledge to Eragon. While both men have lost track of the Ra’zac, Brom proposes to Eragon join Teirm, a city where Jeod, one of the old friends of the storyteller, which could help find the Ra’zac, lives.

After obtaining the information expected from this visit, Eragon, accompanied by Brom, goes to Dras-Leona, the supposed hideout of Ra’zac, who had prepared a trap for them before they have found his traces. Two heroes narrowly evade the clutches of their attackers, fleeing the city after Eragon maneged to prevent Brom about the ambush. However, they cannot escape outside the walls of Dras-Leona. The prisoners are drugged so that the new dragon master and his mentor cannot use their magic.

Students, who want to write a good book review on Eragon, might want to use free sample book reviews on the subject, which let them know that the plot of the novel is replete with fights, chases, trapes, and escapes of the main character. In the end of the book, Eragon fights with the Urgals and Shade at Farthen Dura, the City of Dwarves and the last refuge of the Varden.

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