Book Review on Animal Farm

Farm Book Review:

Animal Farm is the book, written by the famous English writer George Orwell. The book is not a simple novel, which helps to kill time, but it is a strong piece of writing on very important problems. The author concentrates his attention to the events connected with the Revolution of 1917 with took place in Russia and further events of the communist society of USSR. George Orwell was a socialist himself and should probably support the revolution, but he criticizes it. He explains that the society and political system of the USSR is far from democracy and communism.

A nice idea of the communism suggested by Karl Marx has nothing to do with the political system of the country and its dictator Stalin. Orwell chose the name of the book Animal Farm not by chance, but to illustrate the real life of people in the USSR, where an individual was treated like an animal, which can simply be destroyed without trial and advocate. People lived in constant fear waiting for the slaughter, like animals in the farm. All these and much more facts about the revolution, corruption and crimes of the communists can be found in novel by George Orwell.

The book is very urgent and useful nowadays, because younger generation does not know and does not realize the problem and danger of revolutions and radical political parties, which can change the life of the society for the worse. If one wants to write a good book review, he has to read the book attentively, realize its theme, problem and topic to be able to analyze it professionally. One should depict the main characters, their importance for the plot development, describe the general situation presented in the novel, cause and effect of the revolution and totalitarian system. It is obvious, that it is difficult for a student to find all the hidden problems himself, so it is recommended to take advantage of the articles of the famous critics, who have analyzed the novel in detail and borrow their research experience.

If you have managed to analyze the book profoundly and are ready to construct a book review, you will need a good writing example to cope with the assignment successfully. Today everybody has the access to the Internet and can look through free sample short book reviews on Animal Farm there. Every paper of this kind is composed by an experienced writer, who can teach every student the basic standards of the successful book review writing. So, having read a free example book review on Animal Farm by George Orwell, you will see how to create a correct structure of the paper, analyze and format it professionally.

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